There are three mobile operators in Turkiye: Turkcell, Vodafone, and Türk Telekom. Turkcell has the greatest coverage and most customers, and is the best option for most visitors to Turkiye. Vodafone sits in second place in terms of both coverage and subscribers. It’s a reasonable alternative if you need vast amounts of data, as it […]
Americans traveling in Turkiye encounter few problems. While it is true that many Turks do have a dim view of America, they do understand that their frustration is with the American Government’s policies, and not directed towards American citizens. In fact, Americans may find themselves having enlightening conversations about the politics of both countries.  
Women traveling alone should have few problems, although they may get a lot of attention from Turkish men who spend their days chasing foreign tourists with the goal of developing a fleeting relationship.  These guys can be annoying, but will eventually go away. Having said that, women should always lean on the side of caution. […]
Money is safest carried in the form of traveller’s cheques; however, these are difficult to change in regional areas. With plenty of ATM’s in major cities more and more people are bringing a combination of cash and credit cards. Look for ATMs displaying either the Maestro, Cirrus, Visa or MasterCard or whatever your card symbol […]
IsTurkiye safe
The crime rate in Turkiye is actually less today than in the past. Having said that, locking valuables in safes at the hotel is always a good idea, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Some areas of Istanbul can feel a bit dodgy at night, take care in the Taksim area at night.  Some […]
Travelling with children in Turkiye can be quite easy, as Turkish people absolutely LOVE children. In fact, the smaller your kids are, the more they will be hugged and pinched and oogled over. People will welcome them into restaurants, give up their seat on the bus for them and tolerate any cranky or bad behavior […]
As a tourist you will not be affected by Ramadan, and night life will continue in the city as usual.  Although most people in rural Turkiye will be fasting during the day, many people in the cities and tourist areas will not be.  Most people refrain from drinking during Ramadan, and so tourists should not […]
Turkish women are very stylish. If you get to Turkiye and you feel you’ve packed badly, you can pick up something new at Topshop, Mango, Levis or Zara or at one of the many Turkish clothing stores, (For example Mavi Jeans). In summer, light summer-wear, (t-shirts and shorts) for all coastal regions will be fine. […]
Mosques are open to everyone. You will have to leave your shoes at the entrance and women in most mosques are required to cover their heads with a scarf and naked parts of their legs and shoulders. If you don’t have anything with you, they will give you some scarves at the entrance for free. […]
Turkiye has a good long-distance bus network with air-conditioned buses, reserved seats and generally good service quality, at least with the big operators. There are a few firms now provide luxurious buses with 1st class seats and service. Buses are staffed by good drivers and a number of assistants. On long haul travel a second […]